Staples Canada: Free Business Technology Consultation

Staples Canada: Free Business Technology Consultation

Staples Canada wants to help you build a technology solution for your business and they want to do it for free.

So if you happen to have a business and aren't overly tech savvy, this is a pretty sweet deal. Basically you call the number provided (1-866-337-5817) during regular business hours (9:00AM to 5:30PM ET) and they will help you choose some technology solutions for free. I'm sure you could call them even if you don't have a business, since I don't think they have any way to verify. If you're a consumer, they'll probably help you out too.

To be honest I probably wouldn't use these guys to set up my entire business, but for advice on one or two pieces, this is a great choice. If you need advise on which computer to get for a new employee or which router to choose, I'm sure these guys are fine. Of course you should be mindful that Staples isn't doing this to be nice, they are doing this to sell you stuff from Staples. Don't get sucked into a sales pitch,; do your own research before you get anything.

For a full technology set up, nothing can beat a local technician. Make sure you get someone qualified with good references. They are the people who will get you the right system. Also, get two quotes and make them fight it out price-wise.

If, after your consultation, you feel like doing some shopping, check out Bargainmoose's Staples Coupon Codes to save some money.

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