Stop The Drop Game! A $20 Safe Solution To Age Old Problem @

Stop The Drop Game! A $20 Safe Solution To Age Old Problem @

Stop The Drop Game! Every single parent or caregiver on the planet needs a Lil' Sidekick (and I'm not talking about the flask variety.)

This Lil' Sidekick is the end all be all to the 'drop-everything-a-million-times-so-mom-has-to-pick-it-up' game.

I see this game being played all the times in stores when I'm out shopping and smile to see the cute exchange between baby and parent. Then I start laughing harder when I see that it isn't going to stop. I remember those days like they were yesterday. The mom and I exchange understanding grins as she picks the toy up yet again and hands it over to her baby in defeat.

To end the game when you're in a hurry and need to get out sooner rather than later you can easily attach this Lil' Sidekick to a stroller, car seat, high chair, baby carrier, grocery cart and more. It's useful for in-home and when you go out. You can secure baby's objects from as small as a crayon to as big as a large stuffed animal. It's dishwasher safe which is convenient.

It's composed of an FDA-approved material so even if your lil' teether gets their teeth on it, it's safe. The Lil' Sidekick is selling for $19.99 from There are 4 different colours to choose from; grey, lime, pink and turquoise.

Shipping at WestCoast Kids is free on orders over $49 which is probably your best bet. Otherwise, shipping will start at around $11.


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