School Bus Nausea? Herbal Motioneaze Topical Oil For $18 @

School Bus Nausea? Herbal Motioneaze Topical Oil For $18 @

I'm well versed with motion sickness and understand all too well the scenarios faced with people who easily feel the effects. Being a passenger and not the driver, or being a passenger in a back seat can instantly bring on nausea. I can't even look at my phone as a passenger in a vehicle.

Taking a bus can be quite an experience for a child who can feel ill in a similar manner!

When I first head about Motioneaze, it was pressed into my hand from one of my co-workers when we were taking a Greyhound bus tour and the fact that I was feeling nauseated from feeling motion sick was evident as I hung my head, hoping to just get back to the hotel quickly. They told me to dab a couple of drops behind my ears. It stank, to be honest.

I had nothing left to lose, though. Literally.

So, I dabbed a dime sized drop behind each ear and rubbed it in, fully expecting it not to work. I can be quite a skeptic. It did work though, and it worked well and quickly, too. It's comprised of a 100% natural blend of herbal oils (Lavender, Peppermint, Birch, Frankincense, Chamomile, Myrrh and Ylang-Ylang.) The beauty of this product is that even if you already feel ill, it may help!

Since then, I've looked up the product and discovered an amazing amount of positive reviews on it, online. I've even purchased 3 bottles for others who have needed it.

This Motioneaze is being sold be Marketplace Seller Positive Health, and it should ship out within 2 - 3 days. The product is selling for $10.07, and you pay $7.99 shipping. It is worth EVERY penny, I think. The box states that there's enough to use it 20 times but we find it goes further than that.

Even if it only lasts 20 times, it's worth paying 90 cents (including shipping cost) each time it helps. Nausea from motion sickness or other causes is really very hideous, as you also may well know.

I've used it many times since I first tried it and my daughter takes it with her whenever they have a field trip on a bus, as she's prone to motion sickness as well. Because it's a VERY small vial (around half the length of a pinkie finger!), itcan easily be taken anywhere, discreetly. She also takes along a small spray vanilla scent to mask the smell of the product which is a good idea.

I have not been able to find other sources for this product as inexpensively as what I find on, so the times I have bought it, I just look for the lowest price.


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