SiliSponge Gives Perfect Foundation Coverage

SiliSponge Gives Perfect Foundation Coverage

Years ago, I worked in the cosmetics industry as a beauty advisor and so many of my clients would mention how quickly their foundation would run out in the bottle because their makeup sponge wedges were absorbing much of it. Some would resort to using their fingertips but they are not efficient for blending.

I am smitten with the idea of the silisponge. While it looks somewhat like a miniature implant for a Barbie breast, it works as an application and blending tool to apply foundations with buildable coverage, concealing cremes and even moisturizers. Easy to wash by hand and only needs to be replaced with the surface starts wearing out on it. It's far more sanitary than sponges.

The original SiliSponge has gone crazy popular and has sold out several times already, but you should be able to pre-order it soon.

In the meantime though you can pre-order the limited edition SiliSponge Stardust that just came back in stock for pre-orders, which is expected to ship out on Feb. 1st. The Stardust appears to fit most makeup compacts! (Plus, it's sparkly.) It retails for $16.90 USD and ships for free. In the long run it will save money since you only have to use about half the foundation you did before. It is made using PU.

Once it ships, expect 10 - 21 business days for it to reach you.

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  • Noahsmum

    Love your writeup re: Barbie!  I'm so curious about this sponge!