SIG Electronics: Free Jawbone Jambox ($150 Value) When You Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8" for $330 ($400 value)

SIG Electronics: Free Jawbone Jambox ($150 Value) When You Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8" for $330 ($400 value)


Get the grandaddy of Bluetooth speakers when you get a great Samsung Galaxy Note tablet from SIG electronics!

This is a great deal. No way around it. The tablet normally retails for $399.99 pretty much everywhere and the Jambox sells at $149.99 everywhere. It's funny, some other retailers have matched the Galaxy Note 8" and dropped the Jambox by $20 as if we're going to go for them instead of this deal. Competitors might as well keep the price high and hope no one finds the SIG deal. The Tablet is normally $399.99 but you're getting it for $329.99 ($70 off). The Jawbone Jambox is $149.99 but you get it for free!

Anywho, we have two great products here. The Jawbone Jambox was not the first in the Bluetooth Speaker market but they made it awesome. This is an outstanding product. It has great bass for a little unit and because it's so little you can toss it in a purse, backpack or suitcase to take to the hotel room, a BBQ or anywhere you want some sound! It pairs to any Bluetooth device which means it is going to work with pretty much anything you've got.

Like your Samsung Galaxy Note 8". I have the Galaxy Note II Phone and I love it. I'm personally a little sick of Samsung's crapware but that happens with any device you buy other than the Nexus line of products. On the plus side, Samsung recently said they were going to put less junk on their devices and allow you to remove it which is a great big step in the right direction. Additionally the Note 8" (which comes with Android 4.1) is reported to be getting 4.4 soon. The best thing about the Note 8" is the stylus. It comes with a pen that lets you do everything from taking notes to making really high quality art. Just Google around for some of the artwork made with a Galaxy Note device. You'll be really shocked at some of it. I take a decent amount of notes on mine but I find I use it more for fine manipulation. It makes it easy to fast forward a movie to a precise spot, fling that Angry Bird in just the right place or tap the 'X' on that ad without accidentally clicking the ad.

Shipping is a flat $9.99 to Canada.

(Expires: 16th February 2014)


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