Up to 25% Off Coby Products + $50 Rewards Cash + $10 Rewards Cash Up to 25% Off Coby Products + $50 Rewards Cash + $10 Rewards Cash is discounting a few Coby products, which is pretty awesome. But possibly more awesome is the chance to get up to $60 in Rewards Money with your purchase.

There are only three Coby products that have any significant discounts. If you do a search for Coby on, you can see some other products with lesser discounts. The three products are as follows:

  • Coby CSMP90 soundbar speaker - Was $129.99 - Save $32.50 - Now $97.49
  • Coby TFTV3227 LCD TV - Was $429 - Save $85.80 - Now $343.20
  • Coby DVD Home Theater System - Was $149.99 - Save $30 - Now $119.99

I'm going to be straight up with you fine folks because I happen to think you are particularly awesome. Coby electronics are not great. They are equivalent to low end manufacturers and store brands like Wal-Mart's Durabrand. So why am I featuring products that aren't that great? Two reasons.

First, some  people can't afford a brand new Samsung 60" LED Smart TV. We are a money saving site and people who don't have much money need to save it the most. Secondly, even if you have the money, sometimes you don't need the best. If you want to put a TV in a guest house, cottage, second living room, garage, etc... one of these is great. A family of squirrels got into my grandparents cottage over the winter a few years ago and tore the place up. They just had an old CRT TV there, but imagine if it happened to your cottage and a squirrel made a nest in a $1000 TV. Not cool.

On to the $50 + $10 Rewards Money thing. If you spend over $250 in your purchase you will get $50 in Rewards Cash to use in a later purchase. The $10 in Reward Cash is gained if you sign up as a new member for (people who are already signed up, this deal isn't for you, sorry). You have to put the $10 towards a purchase of $25 or more.

(Expires: 31st August 2012)


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