Bios Large Platform Analogue Scale $13 (Was $18) & Free Shipping Bios Large Platform Analogue Scale $13 (Was $18) & Free Shipping


I am unaware of anyone who wants to pay for a machine that tells them how much they weight. However, what we don't know can hurt us so you should pick up a scale to monitor your weight. Get a Bios Large Platform Analogue Scale for only $12.99 (was $17.99) with free shipping from

I am pretty excited about this deal as this is the cheapest bathroom scale I have seen in ages! I certainly did my due diligence in price comparing this unit. While it is very hard to find, I did find the same model at for $17.99. I also found an old postI had written up from almost a year ago with the scale on sale at It was on discount for $14.39 at the time, so this promotion certainly beats that previous offer.

As a note of interest, the most basic scale ever was on sale in that same post for $12.79, which is only 20 cents less than this large platform scale and didn't come with free shipping. This offer from is turning out to be one great deal!

The features on this unit are simple yet a step above basic. The scale gives your weight in analogue and can hold up to 300 lbs. The large platform makes it easier and safer to step on and off the scale. The foot bed is also contoured to be more comfortable on your feet and give a little support to those aching arches.

This is the perfect time to be purchasing a bathroom scale. As fall sets in and winter encroaches, people tend to spend more time indoors and less time exercising. The holidays come and all enjoy great food. It is not unusual for a combination of holiday fun and winter blues to result in people gaining upwards of 10 lbs over the winter. A scale helps you monitor your weight and shows you how much you have gained. It can be the first step in motivating you to exercise more and address the gain before you have packed on too many pounds. offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum. If you are adding this scale onto a larger purchase that totals $50 or more, be sure to use the new exclusive $10 off $50 coupon code that Eva just uploaded to the coupon forum.

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