Sears Canada: wholeHome Festival Foam Mattress Was $1600 | Now $135 **Glitch??** (EXPIRED)

Sears Canada: wholeHome Festival Foam Mattress Was $1600 | Now $135 **Glitch??** (EXPIRED)


Here we go again with Sears having their mattresses on serious discount with the possibility of the order being cancelled, but also with the possibility of you getting a King size plush mattress for only $135, with a regular price of $1599.99. If the order does get cancelled, I've heard you'll get Sears gift cards to compensate and that sounds pretty nice either way you look at it.

In January, Searsdid the same thing and had king sized mattresses on sale for only $155. In February, they did it again. While a lot of people complained, many were able to score gift cards by complaining directly to Sears about how irritating it was that their orders were cancelled. For $135, this is a very solid deal on a King sized mattress and I know I'm going to take advantage, as 1) I need a new mattress and 2) I'm always up for a hot deal that might net me a prize.

Made of Bio Foam, which is made from soy based oils, this is one super comfortable mattress. It also has a trizone aquagel memory foam, which cools your body so you have a really great night's sleep. It has one five-star review saying it is a beautiful mattress.

The firm is also not a bad price, regularly $1599.99 and on sale for $719.95. This seems more realistic and might not be an order that is cancelled, but is still 55% off the regular price. I'm going to take my chances with the plush, personally.

As always, with large items like this, you are going to have to pay delivery charges or pick it up at a Sears location near you. As I mentioned earlier in my post about the play kitchen, there are Sears pick-up locations everywhere and I have one close enough that I could walk home with this mattress!

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  • Liebster W.
    when changing size, price changes over $500
    • sandra
      I have been trying to justify purchasing a new mattress and I need a King so even more money. I hope this is honored. I ordered the plush King mattress. Fingers crossed. Thanks BargainMoose..
      • Danielle
        Don't waste your time with this. I guarantee it's a mistake. It will take your order and then just cancel it. Soooo many people ordered mattresses last time and were complaining on the Sears facebook page.
        • Brandy
          That's exactly what happened to me the last time...
        • sheri
          You can't order without picking firm or plush, and then it changes the price. Still a good deal though.
          • M M.
            I remember that whole fiasco a few months ago about their misadvertised mattress. You'd think they would be more cautious now though with all the media scrutiny they got from that. So maybe this is a real deal? It does say, 'save 90% off'. Glitch or no glitch, I don't see what the harm is to put an order in. I did, so let's see if I get a brand new mattress to sleep on this month.
            • Donna
              I purchased the King plush as well.... hopefully this works out. At least if it's not as described they Sears has a great return policy.
              • Bosco
                Deal is dead, no more King as an option
                • airdom
                  So for those who ordered, were your orders cancelled?
                  • Julie
                    I received my order confirmation about 2 hours after placing the order. So far nothing about it being cancelled!
                    • Charles
                      I received a call with my delivery date, so hopefully this will work.
                    • Donna
                      I got a call from Sears this morning offering a $25 gift card as they cancelled my order. Ughhh!
                      • Kay
                        I got a call cancelling the order but no gift card offer :(
                      • Cherrlyn
                        my order got cancelled! i complained to the customer service & they gave me $25 gift card as an apology for the inconvenience
                        • m m.
                          I got my gift card in the mail yesterday without having to call or complain. I got the initial cancellation phone call and email and was told I'd be sent the gift card. I didn't think I'd actually get the bed at that price, but I was more banking on that free giftcard! woo-hoo free $25.