Sears Canada: Beautyrest Halifax Tight-Top Sleeper Now Only $150 (Expired)

Sears Canada: Beautyrest Halifax Tight-Top Sleeper Now Only $150 (Expired)


A while ago, I posted a fantastic deal on mattresses at Sears. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with their system and these were all price errors and Sears cancelled all the orders. This infuriated me, but I've since learned that for your trouble, if you complain, you'll be rewarded with a gift card. While that isn't the best consolation for not getting an amazing deal on a mattress, it could make it worth your while to try for this mattress deal and if it is cancelled, ask for your free gift card for your trouble. Today's deal at Sears may or may not be a price error, so if you are in the market for a new mattress, they have the Simmons Beautyrest Halifax tight-top sleeper in king or queen on for only $150.

This mattress is a firm support mattress with two quilted layers and two comfort layers. Basically, it looks like a good mattress from a quality name in mattresses - Simmons.

The shipping to your home is going to be about $70, so factor in this cost, which is standard for this sort of large purchase.

If you like Serta, I also found a similar deal, although only on the double or twin size. The double plush of the Serta Slumber Keele foam pillow-top sleep set is $300 but the firm sells for $1559.99. The twin firm is $150 with the plush selling for $1999.99. I find it interesting that the regular price of the twin is more than the double, telling me that the regular price is also an error. Either way, this is a good deal on this size of mattress, regardless of regular price.

If you don't want to gamble on price errors and just want a fantastic price on a mattress, there are plenty on clearance at good prices. This Sealy Malta II tight top sleep set starts at $359 for the set in twin in double up to $679.95 for the king.

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  • Danielle
    Don't waste your time with this, probably a mistake, and they will just cancel your order, and give you nothing! At least, that's what happened to us. Two days before pick-up, 2 weeks after we ordered, they just cancelled it and when we called to complain, we got hung up on. Sears seems to have a huge problem getting the prices correct on their website, not just with mattresses, I've heard stories about other items as well. You should see all the complaints on their facebook page...
    • WrongJacket
      Hi guys, double check before you order with searsonline. I have order a men jack and they send me a bleu ladies jacket. when i called customer service they said the jacket i order was out of stock. Long history short, i end up going to the store and with the agreement i keep the same jacket for my wifyyy!
      • Stephen
        I also echo Danielle's comments "don't waste your time" Last time they had a sale, the order went through and then a couple days before the pick up I was told the item was no longer available. Sears as a store sucks and there is a reason why they just posted another multi million dollar loss for their 19th or 20 quarter in a row.
        • G M.
          Ha! Too good to be true. If you try to add either the Queen or the King to your cart, the message that comes up says We're sorry. This item could not be added to your cart at this time. You think instead of posting this error message, that they would just correct the pricing of the mattress. Oh Sears online, someone in IT really needs to be re-evaluated there.
          • Eva W.
            It did let me add it to my cart when I wrote it and I see it is now gone. Sometimes it is just worth a try!