Razer Nabu Fitness Tracker with Message Notifications $39.99 @ Best Buy Canada

Razer Nabu Fitness Tracker with Message Notifications $39.99 @ Best Buy Canada

Feb. 4, 2017 -Edit: Several months have progressed since we last published this, the sale price is now $39.99. My husband's is still going strong!

June 20, 2016 - Bump!! Here is a fantastic update: The Razer Nabu is now selling for $60, down from $130. I purchased one for my husband last month. It works extremely well for receiving texts. I will mention that the battery life for him is not as long as 6 days, he can go perhaps 2-3 days at most before the Nabu needs a charge. It is easy to charge though and charges quickly. For only $60 this is an incredible deal.

How many times have you missed an important text? I used to miss texts all the time. "Honey, can you pick up some milk on your way home?" Seeing that text when I'm already home just means another trip to the grocery store. Urgh.

It is so convenient to finally not have to keep pulling your phone out of your purse or pocket to see whether or not a text message is important. Any busy parent needs this to keep up with the family messages that are typical of practice times, places and times to pick up your kids, etc. Most kids today are texting their parents, not phoning. This Razer Nabu is perfect and will make you confident that you're not missing any more important messages.

It's also a great Fitness tracker and sleep monitor, and helps to set and achieve fitness goals and encourages better sleeping habits as well. Sleep tracking is automatic. The Razer Nabu uses a 3-axis accelerometer which is comparable to the best activity trackers available.

You can even control your music using your smartband and use it as a phone camera remote. It is water resistant, too, for those jogs in the rain.

The Razer Nabu is Compatible with iPhones using iOS8 (or higher) and Android devices running 4.3 (or higher)

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