SaneBox: 14 Day free Trial

SaneBox: 14 Day free Trial

Is your email inbox Insane? Make it sane, for free, with a 14 day tree trial from SaneBox.

SaneBox is essentially an email filtering service that decides which emails are important for you to read right now and which ones can wait until later. It's very much geared towards business but I suppose you coulld use it for your personal email. It isn't a learning program per se and it works from day one right out of the box.

There are a few different ways to manage your inbox. The two big ones seem to be Inbox Zero and GTD, both of which you can research via Google. To help in managing your inbox, Google has implemented priority inbox into its Gmail service. It works fine but it is one cog in the massive Google machine and it's free. That means that it is likely isn't going to get as good as SaneBox.

Sanebox has cloud management for attachments, pram monitoring, easy email deferral and hooks into social media, among other features. You can use this service with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook and most other services. This offer gives you 14 days for free and if after the free trial you don't like the service, they'll put everything back the way it was. Prices are cheap and can be as low as $4.20/month.

Has anyone ever used Sanebox? Please leave your feelings in the comments below!

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