RingCentral.ca: Up to 25% off Business Phone & Fax Solutions!

Do you wish you could have Google Voice? Well, you can't, so suck it up. What you can have, though, is the equally-awesome RingCentral and we've got the best RingCentral.ca coupon codes out there!

These aren't really coupon codes per se as much as they are secret links to some great discounts. These are the deals we're offering.

The RingCentral products are basically managed VoIP solutions for an office, or for faxes. The key to the product is the flexibility. You can choose to route calls to one phone, all phones, your smart phone, your tablet. You can set business hours, recordings, do voice mail or visual voice mail. You can send and receive faxes on your smart phone or computer. You want fancy hold music? They've got it. You want a Dial-by-Name voice directory? It's yours.

So what am I trying to convey here? Well, they have everything you could ever need from a phone or fax system. Their two phone services, Office and Professional, are basically the same except with professional there is no hardware other than the devices you carry with you on business trips. The fax is a cloud fax service that lets you send and receive faxes on your computer or mobile device.

Truthfully, I can't do this product justice in this article. You really need to check it out. It's very cool and has every feature you could ever need at great prices.

(Expires: 31st October 2012)

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