Quoterollers: Free 14 Day Trial - No Credit Card Required

Quoterollers: Free 14 Day Trial - No Credit Card Required


Roll yo' quotes for free at QuoteRoller.com!

There are some really cool things being done with Software as a Service (SAAS) lately, and QuoteRoller is another great example. First, what is SAAS? SAAS basically means you are running a program in the Cloud. Google Docs is SAAS. Normally you'd run a word processor on your computer (like Microsoft Word). Now, you can run it on Google and just access them from your browser. SalesForce is the monster in the SAAS world, so if you're familiar with their concept, you know about SAAS.

Before we get into QuoteRoller, the deal here is that you get 14 days of free access, no credit card needed. After that, it is $9.99/user/month up to $29.99/user/month, depending on what level you buy and if you are getting it monthly or yearly.

QuoteRoller lets you make quotes and proposals online and send them to your clients. Instead of doing up a quote in a spreadsheet or word processor, you just enter the pertinent data and QuoteRoller sticks it in a template (which you can customize) and then allows you to email it to your customers. They even have in-quote analytics which allow you to see what parts of your quote were focused on the most by your clients. That way, you can focus more on specific parts as you see fit. It even integrates with other services like FreshBooks. I think a FreshBooks and QuoteRoller combo would be amazing for any business.

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