Quizno's Canada: Free Printable Coupons when you register online!

Quizno's Canada: Free Printable Coupons when you register online!

Are you a fan of Quiznos Subs? I'm a fan of any subs! I much prefer them to a burger or pizza or other fast food. Maybe it's just in my head, but I feel they are healthier, so I don't feel as guilty when eating them. How can a sandwich be unhealthy!!

Anywhoooo, if you register online @free coupons, which you can then print out and use in store. For example, I joined today and I received a printable coupon which gets me free chips and a free fountain drink the next time I buy any quiznos sub.

I like their tag line on the online form: "Just fill this out and we'll fill you up." !! Once you've done that, they will start to send you the free online coupons.

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  • Joan
    Dear Sir: I would like, to receive free coupons, please. You have the BEST subs. Your subs are much better, than Subway. You used, to have an outlet, in Brunswick Square, in Saint John, New Brunswick. I used, to go, in there, at least twice a week, for one, of your subs. I wish YOU still had your restaurant, in Brunswick Square. I miss it. Now I have, to go over, to Parkway, when I want a sub. I rarely, go there, because it is quite far, from where I live.
    • Anna
      Joan, Please go to the Quiznos link in the post above to register for coupons. Thanks.