Pink Cherry Canada: All Dona By Jo $0.99 -HOT-

Pink Cherry Canada: All Dona By Jo $0.99 -HOT-


Pink Cherry has a very sweet deal on all Dona by Jo products including bubble bath, lingerie wash, body butter, bath milk and more. Receive each product for just 99 cents when they originally retailed for $7 to $17 each.

Here is an example of just how awesome the prices are:

This is not even an extensive list of all the products or scents. Most products are available in different scents like Camu Camu, Goji Berry, or Acai - you can see many of the ones available above.

I am most interested in the lingerie wash and the bath salts. Good bath salts can be very expensive, especially if they have been scented. I was just reading an article on how magnesium shortages can result in increased stress, muscle cramps, and difficulty sleeping. One of the ways they suggesting upping your magnesium is through soaking in bath salts.

I cannot believe how cheap these are. I want to load up on one of every type! I would not feel bad at all for using a third of the container in just one bath.

Lingerie wash is a staple in my house, but the stuff I usually use costs me $13 a bottle. I could buy thirteen bottles for the usual price that one costs me. As one reviewer said:

I spend a lot of money on specially made bras thought I should take care of them better and this does it

I cannot believe how extraordinary this offer is and I had better tell my hubby to hide my credit card right away. I want to buy like 20 bottles of this and 20 containers of bath salts and one of everything else.

Receive free shipping on orders of $49 or more. You will seriously want to load up on this offer. I am not positive when this offer ends, but it could end as early as tonight so buy sooner rather than later!

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