Perfect Sleeping Companion - The Mommy Body Pillow Now $40 @ Toys R Us

Perfect Sleeping Companion - The Mommy Body Pillow Now $40 @ Toys R Us

My most vivid complaint about my pregnancy was the restless nights. Tossing and turning, trying to figure out which way props up your belly just enough so that you can fall asleep. And seriously, several nights I wanted to shove my significant other right out of bed. This Beluga Bebe "Mommy I am" Body Pillow may be your new favourite sleeping companion, and it is currently only half price - $39.97 at Toys R Us Canada.

When you are getting into your later months of pregnancy, you'll realize something very important - you can't get comfortable and sleep is getting more difficult with each passing day. Considering you'll soon have a baby to keep you up at all hours, you need your rest now and you need to do what it takes to get that rest. Enter the full body pillow. Rest your legs between the pillow, your belly against it and your head on top of it and you'll actually find a comfortable position to lay yourself in for once!

You'll also be happy to know that this is technically a 3-in-1 pillow. Not only will it help you with sleeping, but it also works as a nursing pillow. Then, when baby is learning to sit up, it is a great way to prop your bundle of joy up to exercise the proper muscles and help them learn to sit on their own (with a soft landing).

This is the best price around for a body pillow of this size and style. You can get something similar for $119.99 @ Bed Bath & Beyond, $84.98 @ Motherhood Canada, and $147.84 @

Spend $49 and will ship this item for free. Chances are if you're shopping for this, you'll also need some other baby items that are kicking around the website.


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