PC Games For Only $5 @ Direct2Drive

PC Games For Only $5 @ Direct2Drive


Direct2Drive is a digital download service, which I'm sure a few of the gamers have heard of. They are currently celebrating their 5th anniversary, and each week they are selling a load of top PC games for a measly $5!!

The choice of games this week are all action titles, as opposed to strategy titles last week. But last week's are still on offer, so I will list them all in here!!

Week 1: Strategy Games

Week 2: Action Games

Week 3: RPG/MMO Games

Week 4: EA Games Galore

Week 5: War Games

The games listings update every Monday.

There seem to be some excellent titles in there for only $5!! I love Bioshock - if you haven't tried it, it is definitely worth a go (especially with the sequel coming out soon). Max Payne 2 is OK as well - did you know you can use a hack to make a naked Mona? :)

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