Sale on Adobe Products (Save up to $84) Sale on Adobe Products (Save up to $84)

Adobe is the big boy in a lot of fields like photo editing, video editing and web design. As such, they have big boy prices. Get a bit of a break from those big price tags with NCIX's Adobe sale!

There is a lot of software to look through, but here are a few of the deals available:

Quantities on this sale are quite limited so snatch these savings up quick if you are interested.

Adobe make some of the best software around. That is why you pay so much for their products. It's also why they had a revenue of $4.21 billion in 2011. This really is a case of quality dictating the price. You can get software that essentially does the same thing as the Adobe equivalent but it isn't as fast, easy, powerful or elegant as Adobe's offerings. It's like buying a Ford versus a Bentley. Sure the Ford and the Bentley will both get you where you are going but the experience will just be better in a Bentley.

Personally, I have no use for any of these programs (except Dreamweaver, which I've played with and enjoyed) because I have absolutely no skill in video or photo editing. I've tried, I really have, but it just frustrates me. There are, however, people who have insane amounts of talent but they lack proper tools to work with. Even if you have a "lesser" piece of software that you are working with, it never hurts to upgrade.

You might even be pirating (SHAME ON YOU!!) some of this software and want to go legitimate, either to eliminate guilt or to eliminate the headaches of trying to use pirated software. Whatever your reason for picking it up, this is a great opportunity to hone your skill on the same programs that some of the big names in photography and video use.

(Expires: 30th Auust 2012)


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