Free ASUS Vulcan ANC Pro Gaming Headset ($136 value) w/ Purchase of Asus PB278Q Monitor Free ASUS Vulcan ANC Pro Gaming Headset ($136 value) w/ Purchase of Asus PB278Q Monitor

WARNING! This monitor is only for the professional or gamer who really, really appreciates the highest of picture quality and color accuracy.

First, the good news. These headphones are awesome. They sound great, they are super light and are active noise cancelling headphones to boot. This means that instead of just blocking noise out, they actively emit noise to counteract the noise coming from your surroundings. Even without the active cancellation, they are very good at cancelling noise. Very cool.

Here is the bad news as far as your wallet goes. The monitor you need to buy to get the free headphones is really expensive. It's totally 100% worth it, but still expensive. This is a seriously nice monitor. It is a 27" WQHD display and has a seriously good picture. It is designed for the hardest of hardcore gamers and the professional who really needs this kind of quality. This is the reason that it has a $699 (!!!) price tag.

This brings me to a very important subject. The subject is: how much BargainMoose loves you! Seriously. We make our money from display ads and from affiliate programs. There is a fairly poor chance that anyone is going to buy this monitor today but it's a great deal and deserves to be here.

I could have picked another deal to put up here, one that had a better chance at making us some money, but I didn't. I slaved, SLAVED I TELL YOU, over a computer for hours and hours on end to craft this perfect deal that in all eventuality, won't make me or my boss a single cent! Why! WHY WOULD I DO THIS!! Well, it's very simple. Myself, my boss Emma, Jess, Avi, Clare, Jessica, Krista and all the other BargainMoose staff want you to have the best deals out there and we're willing to do anything we need to get them to you. That's what BargainMoose is all about!

Also, please buy this monitor. We'd really like the money!

(Expires: Unknown, limited quantity)


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