Nair: Printable Coupons

Nair: Printable Coupons


Thank you to Mooser Pearl for sending us this offer from Nair. Nair offers a hair removal system that does not require shaving. One of the methods is with wax, and the other is with a creme that just washes off. Nair has new coupons up on their site.

You can print off the following coupons from Nair:

  • $2.00 off any Nair Wax Product
  • $1.00 off any Nair Creme Product

To get the coupons it is very simple, sign up at the following link:

They want very little info, so its a short registration. Then click on one of the get coupon banners. You will get access to each coupon in a pdf format. I suggest you save to your computer and then print as you will only get 1 shot at each coupon from the website.

I believe each has a unique code on it, so I did not link the coupons I downloaded here.

Now for my opinion on Nair, feel free to rebuttal:

I have tried Nair wax strips and it took over a month for that patch of skin on my leg to recover. I followed the instructions perfectly well, I can read. But it left my skin looking like the cracked desert ground. It made my skin all blotchy and patchy. I have rather sensitive skin I guess, but heck... good ol' shaving has never left my legs looking like a battlefield!

That is my experience with Nair... maybe you will have better success!


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