Mother Of A Sale Weekend Deal


Mother Of A Sale is offering a 40% discount on Sprig Eco-Trucks, for this weekend only, or while stocks last.

Click here to shop online @ Mother Of A Sale

And with this unique Bargainmoose coupon code, you can get an extra 10% discount on your trucks!

  • Coupon Code: 10bmoff
  • Discount: Extra 10% off
  • Expires: 4th October 2010

Shipping is a flat-rate, which you can see when you add something to your cart (depending on your province).

The trucks are really cute!



  • CanadianMama
    Thanks for the info - I just ordered them for my son for Xmas! Shipping was $7.00 for me though (maybe because I'm in Alberta it's different). Cheers, CanadianMama
  • Faye
    $7.84 here in Ontario, maybe it's $5 for an individual truck?
  • Anna
    Thanks gals, updated the post to include a comment on shipping :)
  • cdn
    Where are these shipping from. I see that the site is in USD. Will we have to pay customs when they arrive?
    • Anna
      They're registered in Vancouver, but I will drop them an email to make sure :)
      • Anna
        Confirmed, Vancouver :)
  • Jeri
    7 dollars shipping combo to NS , : )
  • Lisa
    It shows a 29.99 - 3 pack but I can't seem to order it??? What am I doing wrong??
  • Karen
    They are out of the combo packs. The discount code doesn't work for me.
  • Karen
    Ok, had to put in the province first. Must type in code yourself, no copying and pasting. xo
  • Karen
    I live in Northern Alberta and for the three items ordered individually, shipping was $7. xo Hope this helps.

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