Mini Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light $18.69 @ Amazon Seller Slt.Co.Ltd

Mini Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light $18.69 @ Amazon Seller Slt.Co.Ltd

Everyone is getting in on these Himalayan Salt Lamps! Right now Amazon Canada has the Mini Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp Night Light on sale (Lightning Deal) for $18.69. It is shipped and sold by Amazon Seller SLT.CO.LTD.

This Mini Himalayan Salt Lamp is convenient - you can even use it in the kids' rooms. It just plugs into an outlet and then you have no fuss or muss with a power cord.

Himalayan Salt Lamps have been known to do wonders for tension and anxiety. It benefits the body's physical and mental health so if you are under a lot of pressure, this lamp could help with your psychological state via soft light and natural crystals.

It also works as an air purifier. When turned on, it emits negative ions that will fight against ions that make you feel congested or sluggish. It also clears the air of any allergens - which is important this time of year if you have seasonal allergies.

This is a Lightning Deal - and it is selling out fast. This item is eligible for free shipping on orders over $35.


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  • April L.

    , first thought! I wonder if The Ooto shop can get these!!!