Free 26" Samsung LED TV or 15.6" Laptop With Purchase Free 26" Samsung LED TV or 15.6" Laptop With Purchase

MDG is is offering a free HDTV or Laptop when you finance a computer, mattress, furniture, tablet, appliance or electronics with them. If you're in the market for a financed computer or any of the other products they offer, this is a sweet deal.

Financing a computer isn't the best option but for people who can't afford to buy a computer or mattress  or whatever other product you are looking at outright, it is a Godsend. Adding in a free HDTV or laptop is a nice bonus.

MDG started out selling computers about 21 years ago. They have a handful of physical locations but I think they do most of their business from people ordering things. They say that all their computers are build in Canada and that their support is located in Canada. This,of course, drives the prices up a bit but it's worth the price, I think, to support a local company. I don't know exactly when MDG went into the business of selling other things like furniture and appliances but a little competition never hurts anything, especially when the company is Canadian.

Regardless, in the long run, you are going to end up paying more for stuff from MDG but with prices as low as 49 cents a day, if you need a good deal in the short term, they are hard to beat.

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  • Alex
    Just google "MDG scam" or visit these websites for comprehensive review of "MDG Deals" Anatomy of MDG scams from ex-sales associate
    • mark w.
      There is no free laptop/ tv etc if you request the "free" promo item an extra 300 to450 is added to your bill. Always carefully check the contract