Massages, Dispoable Panties, And More!

Massages, Dispoable Panties, And More!

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I had never had a proper massage in my life… until this week!! Of course I’ve had amateur massages from boyfriends etc, and always thought they were pretty good. But to get a proper pummelling from a fully trained masseur – heaven! I went for an hour long full body massage.

I was a bit anxious as to proper massage parlor etiquette – I had really no idea what to do. So I got showered and cleaned up beforehand, and headed to the spa. I told the lady masseur that I was a massage virgin, and that I wasn’t sure what to do! She was pretty helpful and made me feel comfortable. First of all, I didn’t realise you had to put on disposable panties! That was a bit odd! And when she asked me to climb up on the massage table, those disposable panties did not want to stay in one place! Anyway… once she started the massage, I relaxed a bit and it was just excellent.

Once she had massaged my back, she asked me to turn over to lie face up, and I really wasn’t sure what to do about exposing myself. So, I just turned over and hoped for the best! She asked me did I want to cover up, but I said “Nah, just go ahead!”

That was an experience and a half!


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