London Drugs Photo Lab: Free Shipping No Minimum!

London Drugs Photo Lab: Free Shipping No Minimum!


The London Drugs Photo Lab is offering free shipping with no minimum until the end of the month. Now is the time to make your personalized mugs, create a photo book, order a set of prints, and more at the Photo Lab.

I have found that shipping charges for personalized gifts can often be half again as much as the actual product. Thus, a deal like this is both valuable and rare in my experience. This offer includes larger items like canvas gallery wraps up to 40" x 60" and photo enlargements that can be quite sizable as well. Whatever you want to buy, it will not be shipped free of charge.

I am fond of personalized mugs ever since I gave my appreciative Dad one for Father's Day. I may be buying another mug soon as a dear friend of mine will be graduating in November. I want to stick a photo of us on a mug and give it to him as a gift. Currently, London Drugs is offering $2 off a selection of their mugs. I can purchase the Graduation Mug for just $17.99, originally $19.99.

I am not sure that I have ever seen a personalizable pet bowl before but I love the idea! I could stick a picture of my cat actually on the food and water bowls - which would be so cute. If you have more than one pet and want to keep their dishes separate, then this is a great idea! Maybe they will learn which bowl belongs to them. The Photo Pet Bowl (large) costs $16.99 and the Photo Pet Bowl (small) costs $15.99. I would use the large one for my cat's water and the small one for his food.

You can actually get your photo in a crystal! Your photo is printed on special acetate bonded to crystal for a sweet ornament without needing a picture frame. The Crystal Moon - my favourite - costs $29.99. The crystals come in many different shapes and sizes including a heart-shaped crystal on a base. I am totally thinking Valentine's Day for the heart crystal.

London Drugs is a good option for getting your prints, enlargements, and personalized gifts right now as many other online photo websites have been shut down due to a possible security breach. This photo site shutdown includes Costco, Sam’s Club, and a few others.

(Expiry: 31st July 2015)


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