The Intex Inflatabull is on Sale for $44.99 @ Cabela's!

Inflatabull on Sale for $44.99

Remember the Intex Inflatabull? Well, the sale prices for it keep dropping lower and lower, and I just found it for $44.99 from $79.99 at Cabela's Canada – which is $5 cheaper than we've ever seen it before.

If you've ever seen a mechanical bull and thought "how hard can it be?" but then chickened out at the last minute, this might be exactly what you need to add to your next beach party.

Instead of a motorized engine, this inflatable is people-powered. Just have your friends grab hold of the handles and start shaking!

And you don't need to worry about falling and hitting those hard mats or the bull itself, because you'll just land in the water!

It has three air chambers and measures 94" x 77" x 31-1/2" (so 238.7 cm x 195.5 cm x 80 cm).

This markdown is part of the Cabela's Online Sidewalk Sale, which is on for a limited time. Shipping is free when you spend at least $99 and use the code SUMMERFUN.


  • Jessica L.

    We found them! Road trip to Cabela's?

  • Leann P.

    do you need one of these?

  • Lindsay J.

    Haha we totally need one of these!!

  • Melanie R.

    Haha I saw you guys talking about it :joy:

  • Karlee D.

    and please get this!!!!!

  • Alana R.


  • Janice L.

    There are certain "riders" that would just b hilarious lol!

  • Janice L.

    Haha you first my friend!

  • Janice L.

    New laugh Olympics competition lol

  • Heidi C.

    Funny thing is I can picture you on this

  • Cyndi D.

    we could get a whole herd and put electric motors on the backs......

  • Lani S.

    Ha first person I thought of too!! :horse:

  • Nancy S.

    Something for your pool?

    • Nancy S.

      Something fun for the PCPs.

  • Wendy U.

    ! Yeeehaw

  • Angela F.

    this has your name all over it.

    • Krista G.

      It really should!

  • Andgie B.


    • Eurof M.

      Ok Debbs has to rest 1st though

  • Silvia S.

    Hurrell...i think this would me appropriate at the party than the unicorns :hugging:

  • Natalie H.

    I thnk you shoudl bring this to pool day in lieu of a appetizer! lol

    • Ruth C.

      Right?! Should be under $20

    • Natalie H.

      Brjng a friend, split 50/50 Lol

  • Diane M. need one of these.....LOL

  • Anita M.

    we need this lol

    • Christine J.

      We do, u try it first

  • Marlo J.

    I hope you ordered it already!!!

  • Leah M.

    I am worried about the consequences of us riding this.....

  • Karlee D.


  • Marlo J.

    Zero consequences zero regrets

  • Leah M.

    My body says otherwise. It tells a tale of remorse and consequence.

  • Christine G.

    , LA! Cest CA ta besoin a la pond!

  • Gisele G.

    Hahah omg oui

  • Patrick B.

    God yes, it would kill two birds with one stone! Haha I'll buy it if The. Price is right

  • Robyn A.

    I think Lori bought one for the summer!!! Lol

  • Holly S.

    That’s awesome!

  • Lynelle A.

    cotty necessity

  • Sarah B.

    Should I??

  • Shanna D.

    - this could be fun!

  • Susanne T.

    If the kids break Carol, that’s what I want!!

  • Lindsay B.

    lol, i went with tylenol instead

  • Christy M.


  • Christine G.

    .... jcrois still que tu as besoin de ceci lol

  • Gisele G.

    Hahaha I know !!! Sa serai dla fun

  • Kayla W.

    Oh my! The kids would have fun.

  • Bonnie S.

    Haha!!! We need this for the pool!!!

  • Angela T.

    It’s perfectca an t-buzz can practice up!

  • sue1907

    do they price match?  i bought it at 49.99

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