H&R Block Canada: Student Tax Deal & Free SPC Card

H&R Block Canada: Student Tax Deal & Free SPC Card


Hey Students! If you are a university student like me you probably got an email in your student email account reminding you to print off your T2202A tax receipt for last year. Here is another reminder, you can pay just $29.99 at H&R Block this year and get them to do your taxes for you.

You will also receive a free Student Price Card which is valued at $9.95 so you are really getting a fantastic value to get someone else to do your taxes. It takes very little time (mine on average has taken a half hour) and it really is a huge stress relief.

In fact: one year I decided to do my taxes my self (with my husband's help). I figured it would be a bit cheaper and just easier. Well, I put something on the wrong line and then one reassessment, several conversations with a very nice taxman, and much time wasted has convinced my that H&R Block is the way to go. The four years I used H&R Block's services I never had a problem with my taxes ever. That saved a lot of time and stress.

So students, I highly recommend this service. It is very affordable, a great deal, and you get a student price card as well.

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