Household Items & More At Up To 15% Off + Free Ship With Subscribe & Save!

Household Items & More At Up To 15% Off + Free Ship With Subscribe & Save!

Don't you hate when you've already grocery shopped, but realize you still had items on your 'to do' list? I don't like having a list of things sitting in wait though, so I usually head over to to use their 'Subscribe and Save' service for basic items I may have missed, such as garbage bags, dish soap, paper towel, laundry detergent, school lunch snacks, vitamins and more. You can purchase items that are difficult to find elsewhere too, to make life easier.

The various categories you can shop at include baby care (diapers and wipes!), personal care, beauty, grocery, home & kitchen, pets and more.

Shipping is always free when you use Subscribe and Save at Even if you only need one item. The more you buy, the more you save. If you order 5 items for example, you can get 15%off of all of the items. If you order 1-4 items, you'll save 5%. This is why I always order 4 or more items.

When you subscribe to an item, you can select if you would like it to arrive every month, or two months, right up to every 6 months.

When you first place your order, they usually give you a time frame of around 2 weeks out before you get your order but you'll be able to change it to probably only a few days or more from the time you place it, by checking through your 'subscription date' settings.

There's no obligation to continue your subscription, and you can easily change out (cancel) any item, and add on to your subscription right up until the date they provide as the cut-off date! If you don't cancel your subscription you'll receive the item again at the designated schedule. There's always plenty of time to cancel if you want to, and it's done online with just a click of a button.

It's handy to have some items that you regularly use up in a specific time frame, such as contact lens solution, feminine products, soaps, shampoos, detergents, set up on a regular schedule arriving in a timely manner. I think this free service is perfect for any student away at college or University, too! Could be a cool surprise gift idea for the student moving away from home.

One of my favourite items to order is the Italpasta pizza sauce in cans. It's incredibly delicious (authentic) for home made pizza. It's $1.32 with the subscribe and save, but if I were to order 4 other items for a total of 5 (or even 1 of these, then add 1 more again, then 3 other individual items) I would save 15% so it would only cost $1.12. I'm not sure why you can't add s5 of these to your cart at once to obtain the discount of 15%, but I suppose the system recognizes items when entered individually.

Either way, it's a great system. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from better organization and less time spent in-store hunting items down.


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