Home Depot Canada – Kitchen Gadgets Galore!

Home Depot Canada – Kitchen Gadgets Galore!

OOOooooh I love gadgets! In all shapes and forms! Whether it be USB powered vacuum cleaners, novelty racing grannies, or kitchen gadgets… the list is endless! I’m happy to hear that Home Depot Canada are doing a bit of a sale on their kitchen gadgets right now. The sale is online, and you can see a small banner for it towards the top right of the HomeDepot.ca web page.

They have about 5 pages of gadgets to browse through, some with up to 75% discount! :!: Some items that might be worth a look:

<<< The Roast Rack Set for only $10 (Search for item 41644) – this looks very handy for making those Sunday roasts! Perfect for that rack of juicy lamb! The set is half price too. Sunday dinners are my fave meal of the week. I just love sitting down to eat all that lovely juicy dripping meat. I am a true carnivore! I can’t resist a bargain! That makes me a carnivorous bargain-hunter.

How about the Deluxe Cheese Grater for only $8.50 (Search for item 93204)? That’s also half price. I think this shape of cheese grater is quite handy, means you aren’t grating your fingernails into the parmesan! I’m a cheese fiend you know, I can’t get enough of it. I’d put cheese on anything. Well, maybe not anything. But then again, I’ve never been pregnant, so who knows what cravings I’ll get at that point. Mozzarella on ice-cream? Cheddar on chocolate cake? The possibilities are endless. >>>

<<< This is a really cute 11 piece Gold Sushi Set for far less than half price - $5.99 (Search for item HP-019Y). Not that I’ve ever made sushi at home... but if I had this set, I’m sure I would! 8O I have never been able to master chopsticks… I guess I just haven’t had enough practice. I’m far more practiced in the art of the chopstick hunter, deftly spearing the food on one stick and then munching it down. I do enjoy eating sushi, but I never know what to order. I always make sure to go to the restaurant with someone versed in the dark arts of sushi eating.

Check out the 4 piece lazy Susan Tray Set for quarter price - it seems to be one of the coveted 75% discounted items!! It’s only $5 (search for item AAB777). This is great for parties. You can fill it full of nibbles, or pickles, or olives, or nuts, or chips, or dips, or watches, or car keys… whatever tickles your fancy. I have a very similar one, and I used it at my Halloween party last year – I filled it full of different types of candy. And eyeballs. >>>

Those were just a few of the items that caught my eyes. There are loads more.

Hey – don’t forget you can use Dealguild.com for 2.45% cashback on all your online Home Depot purchases! Could make for a few bucks extra in your pocket.


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