Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! Surprise Caption Contest #4! (CONTEST CLOSED)


**Contest now closed. Winner was Mooser Stephanie!! **

Yo! As many of you know, Bargainmoose recently celebrated its 7th birthday. And this week, we’re running a few caption contests at surprise times, giving away hundreds of dollars’ worth of much-coveted Amazon.ca gift vouchers! Would you like to be in with the chance of winning a $100 gift voucher? If so, please leave a comment below about the image above!

(Contest ends 7th September)


  • Rick
    I said I liked the pink wallpaper!....got it?!
  • Moe A.
    Wallpaper is so '80s.
  • Susan V.
    It wasn't me....
  • Brooke W.
    This is why you don't put wallpaper over wallpaper!
  • Judy
    I got you started on the remodelling project. You are welcome.
  • Kim w.
    I can tell you're as excited about redecorating as I am. I'll wait here while you get me a treat.
  • Diana
    I didn't do anything. I found it like this.
  • James
    "I swear that I buried that bone somewhere right around here"
  • Annie
    "You're welcome."
  • Darrin
    "Um...the cat did it"
  • Pat
    The cat did it. I swear.
  • Tracy
    You need a new interior decorator, honey.
  • Brenda
    Ha! I found the dog that was creeping behind the wallpaper and let her out! (With apologies to Charlotte Perkins Gilman who wrote "The Yellow Wallpaper").
  • Lisa
    Welcome home!
  • nicole
    I thought you were never ever ever every coming home again...so I panicked....
  • lyndalou1965
    There was a bug....but I finally got it!
  • David
    The cat did it
  • Christina B.
    "This is just a friendly reminder not to leave me home alone with the cat ever again!"
  • Marianne
    But it's a work in progress.
  • heather
    I got a start on the big reno!
  • Sandy
    I came in just as the cat was leaving, I swear it wasn't me (can't you see those innocent eyes)
  • Sue m.
    That was some dream! Thank goodness we are safe!
  • Bonnie (.
    Well, it was REALLY ugly wallpaper. So I did you a favour!!!!!
  • steven
    Hey, Master, here's ur masterpieces
  • scrapgirlstamper
    I TOLD you that you didn't need to hire a professional!!! I accept payment in milk bones or Kibbles n Bits!
  • Erin
    See what happens when you leave me home alone? Trust me, you don't want to see what I'll do next.
  • Penny
    I know you don't like spiders. It was quick but Ii finally caught it. I did it all for you!
  • Allie
    Okay, the hall's done ... which room do you want me to start on next?
  • Jodi
    There was a spider. Your welcome.
  • Lizz
    I never liked that wallpaper... you can thank me later!
  • Barb
    There was a spider but don't worry, I got it! Do I get my treat now?
  • samiya
  • Joyce_wong
    How many times do I have to show you?! Paper belongs in the recycling box!
  • samiya
    What?! Santa didn't hide my Christmas present in here?
  • Tara
    Just a dab of paint there, a little there... Good as new.
  • Lb
    "The bill is in the mail."
  • Jennifer W.
    Sooo, you going to forget my walk again?
  • jcFeng
    You needed to renovate these walls anyways. I mean, LOOK AT THIS WALLPAPER!
  • Amber Y.
    I thought I heard something in the walls!
  • Alvina N.
    I got a bit bored while watching the house . . .
  • Olga
    The day after Christmas was the day the dog unwrapped the walls!
  • Jasen H.
    You've been promising to start redecorating this room for years! I got tried of waiting!!
  • Julianna S.
    Oh!!! It's in the *hall*. I thought you said my bone was in the *wall*. My bad!
  • Heather
    The dog is telling you this is what happens when you leave me home alone !
  • B.F.
    "You were late so my dinner is late...this is what happens when you do not keep to schedule"
  • Ling
    I'm innocent! Would a criminal stay at the crime scene?
  • Mei
    What? This is what you're mad about? Well how about all those times you taunt me to do tricks for treats. ..just kidding. Sorry i love you?
  • Carrie
    Once again, Chester was left to take the blame for the cat's evil deeds.
  • Rebby
    "I was letting my inner Interior designer out. Turns out he's an inner interior demolisher, sorry Mom!"
  • christine
    I just wanted to pull off this one tiny loose piece...but then there was another one, and another one...I guess I got a little carried away.
  • cbrewste
    There was a spider, but don't worry... I got it.
  • Michelle
    What??? The wall made me do it!!
  • Craig
    There's not much to say here. My bad, guys, my bad.
  • T G.
    I thought I'd go ahead and get started on the renovations. Looks like it's a bigger job than we initially anticipated.
  • Lindsay
    I just shredded your reno time in half, you can thank me later!
  • Jeff T.
    Did you feel that earthquake?!?
  • Sophia
    Does this not look better?
  • Michelle P.
    What? i thought you mentioned you were going to start redecorating - so i started without you!
  • Cecilia
    I hate the wall paper
  • Jody D.
    ...we weren't planning that reno this year?????
  • Grant d.
    WHO ME..............
  • Chris
    The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!
  • Tanya M.
    Ya but, Buddy told me this was scratch and sniff...
  • merna
    "Oh, hi there… surprise! I thought you were getting home in an hour…”
  • Mila
    Oh good your home. Can we go for a walk now?
  • Colleen
    I had that same wallpaper in my hallway
  • Steve h.
    What.......... Was I not supposed to do that?
  • Sweetchic
    Tom looking for Jerry!
  • Josie T.
    This is the only way I could get you to get up off your butt and redecorate!
  • Peter T.
    That's what you get for not buying me any treats!
  • Carrie
    As the front door opened, Murphy noticed Miss Wiskers had disappeared, leaving him to take the blame alone.
  • Andy H.
    You know how I love to help redecorate!
  • Dianne
    Wallpaper remover for hire. Will work for Kibble and head rubs.
  • BL
    I got you a home renovation project for your birthday! And I helped you unwrap it. You're welcome.
  • Shane
    It was like this when I got here, pretty sure it was the cat.
  • Lesley S.
    I finally got the spider! You're welcome.
  • Cappellis
    While you were out I took the liberty and started re-decorating! What do you think?!?
  • Effy
  • Sheena
    And I was upset when my dog ate our couch.....
  • Pgordonme
    Home Depot is now offering canine wallpaper removal service!
  • Sylvie
    Told you it was cheap wallpaper!
  • Jo-Ann
    RUFF DAY ~~~~~~~~~ Someone is at the door. How do you expect me to stay calm? If it's a burglar, we'll pretend we have already been robbed.
  • Jimmy
    "Found the treat!"
  • mojo
    In about a month we will laugh about this. Trust me.
  • Pamela F.
    Well, you DID say you wanted to redecorate.
  • Tania J.
    It wasn't me!
  • James
    Just remodeling.
  • Tania J.
    I'm just as surprised as you are!
  • Lesley
    Animal Planet's new season of, "Flip this House," looks intense.
  • katama381
    Good news...I found the secret door!!!
  • Heather
    it was the cat
  • Deb
    I told you I don't like wallpaper!
  • madhavi
    aww i can think of two songs....."who let the dog out" and " it wasn't me" rofl.....
  • Michele
    Well, I did stop scratching the door!
  • Jan
    Before you make a judgement, let me explain the situation...SQUIRREL!!! *Tears more wallpaper* (Reference to the Pixar movie, UP)
  • Dave
    I told you there would be consequences for not inviting me to the BBQ, but you didn't listen.
  • witchblade
    You left the TV on... the show host said something about wallpaper...
  • Nina M.
    Your wallpaper was hideous!
  • Nina M.
    This wallpaper tastes as bad as it looks!
  • Carrie
    Busier than a 4 pawed paper hanger!
  • Margaret
    It's the catniip! Honest! I tried to stop her!
  • Margaret
    Who forgot to take his Ritlan?
  • Aimee
    The kids did it!!!!
  • tyler
    I thought we could use some redecorating.
  • Rodney D.
    ...wasn't me...
  • Stephanie
    So..... I was thinking about redecorating....
  • Margaret
    I told you not to,give her catnip.
  • Tamara t.
    Ohhhhhh....this is more difficult than I thought... Now I know why they asked me to help!!
  • Carolyn M.
    I wish you could appreciate my art...I really put a lot into it.
  • Jason
    Oh come on! You did this, took a pic of me and are going to post it on Facebook. If I did it this picture would be a selfie.
  • Denise
    OK, if you want the rest off, it's gonna be overtime!
  • Sharon
    I started the redecorating project for you!
  • judy
    Too tired, you finish!!!
  • Swapandeep S.
    I saved the house from an alien invasion !!! I swear
  • Darci
    discount wallpaper removal system
  • Karen
    Am I hired for the job?
  • Irene
    I didn't do it. It was the cat.
  • David
    I thought it was wrapping paper, so I ripped the paper to find my present.
  • Tony
    Well, you were gone so long, what was I supposed to do to entertain myself!?
  • Julie
    Mike Holmes' dog decorates his first house
  • Janine F.
    The hallway needs a refresh so I thought I would surprise you! It looked a lot easier on The Property Brothers!
  • Shonagh C.
    Honey, I think the dog has been watching too much HGTV!
  • Monica F.
    "Those DIY YouTube videos made it look sooooo easy."
  • debbie b.
    What's UUPP!!!
  • Linda h.
    Oh, oh I needed some paper
  • Sheila
    There are mice in this house.... I can hear them!!
  • Kris
    ...and you should see the other guy!!
  • Aggi
    You said we would go for a walk after just one more episode on Netflix
  • Elaine W.
    Wallpaper was so 1980s!
  • Linda M.
    May I have some water please ? my mouth tastes kinda sticky.
  • Emily S.
    Remember last week when you said you wanted to renovate? Well, I was listening.
  • Kelly
    Your home early!?
  • Shelly
    I thought you said you hated this wallpaper!!!
  • Judy
  • Linda
    It wasn't me!!!
  • Ron
    Ok Ok..... I will have all the pieces back in place by supper.

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