Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! SURPRISE Caption Contest #3! (CLOSED)

5 September 2015


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Nanoq!! ***

Happy weekend, everyone!! Here’s an early caption contest to get you going – it’s our 7th birthday and we’re celebrating by running a series of daily caption contests!

We’d like you to leave a comment below with a caption for the above image. Make it funny, witty or just downright silly.

This caption contest (#3) will end on the 6th September 2015. We will choose one winner to receive a $100 Amazon.ca gift voucher, to spend on any goodies that you want!!

You might still have time to get your contest entry in on caption contest number 2 here.


  • E
    Shampoo was on sale!
  • Moe A.
    I'm Santa Claus this year....NO, I'm Santa Claus this year!
  • katama381
    Wow! Those beers were extra foamy!!!!!
  • Judy
    We are just seeing what we will look like when we are old men.
  • Craig
    That moment twin sailors finally get to bathe after being out at sea
  • Diana
    You got more foam? I missed a spot above my lips please.
  • witchblade
    Who's the real Santa?
  • Mike G.
    Person 1 - Was that an alien foam probe?... Person 2 - Oh yeeeahh.
  • Shar
    Gotta love a Two-for-0ne deal on Foamy!
  • Rick
    For pity's sake Kevin do not sneeze again!
  • Lisa
    Where's my razor?
  • Monica
    What the hell just happened?
  • samiya
    Si this is how aging will look on me.
  • LJ
    When we asked for foam on the top this is NOT what we meant!
  • Jan
    And that's why you don't use regular soap in a high efficiency washer!!!
  • Shane
    So anyways there we were just minding our own business when the Stay Puffed Marshmellow Man walked in...
  • Suzi
    Tell me again...WHY did we think this was a good idea???
  • Mei
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of foam....wait we weren't pretending to be pirates were we?
  • DavesGirl
    I think we used the wrong foam - this isn't memory foam!
  • Frank
    Phantom of the opera??? Oh oh! I thought you said, "Foamton of the Opera!"
  • Carrie
    ...just testing out the "werewolf grade" shaving cream...
  • KevinP
    Alright, who was the wise guy that put laundry soap in the city hall water fountain! (P.S). It's my birthday today too!
  • Tracy
    I can't understand how a bird can poop that much!!
  • Margaret
    Honest officer. We only had one.
  • Margaret
    On the nights of a full moon, Jim Bob and Earl could be hear howling in unison .
  • Margaret
    Red neck soirée.
  • Grayce
    Hey, didn't didn't we do this when we were 6 yrs old too?
  • Amber Y.
    Bubble baths are better with friends!
  • Debbie B.
    It's a twofer!
  • Aaron
    Now why did we think this was a good idea?
  • nanoq
    The next time we play hide and seek do not choose the dishwasher!
  • Sandy B.
    Boy that mentos experiment went wrong...
  • Maerin
    Wherefore art thou, Smurfette?
  • Sandy
    I'm sure we are going to regret this in the morning..but it's so much fun right now
  • lennypuz
    No matter how old we get, boys will be boys!
  • lennypuz
    This is how you clean a dirty mind lol
  • Kathie
    Bargain Moose is 7? We thought you said bargain MOUSSE was 7!. We got all lathered up in excitement.
  • Nicole
    I asked my husband and his buddy to do the dishes....my bad...
  • Olga
    Mousse and mousser!
  • JILL
    The new hipster beards are looking spacey.
  • Irene
    Instead of getting a pie in our faces, we were moussed!
  • David
    The shaving cream can exploded, and this is what happened.
  • Tony
    We're jailbirds escaping under the guise of white bearded old men.
  • Jeff T.
    Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional!
  • Donna L.
    Duck Dynasty's our favourite Soap Opera !
  • Aggi
    Spa day in prison.
  • T G.
    Off to our hipster audition!
  • Lindsay
    We are two serious suds!
  • Cammy B.
    "Oh Bubble God...We stand on guard for thee..."
  • Johanna
    The foamy Bass and sudsy Tenor audition.
  • zahra p.
    "Now if I just paint my skin blue, I would look just like Papa Smurf", says the man on the left.
  • Sweetchic
    We didn't use your shampoo.
  • Cecilia
    Who threw that!
  • Heather
    ho ho ho thought there was only one santa
  • Carolyn M.
    We're gonna be so awesome when we have white hair!
  • merna
    Adorabubble men
  • Stephanie
    Shave me!
  • Saba
    Bargainmoose had awesome Mousse deals..how could we say no..
  • Allie
    That's it - I'm telling MOM!!!!
  • Lucie
    Duck Dynasty wannabes... not!
  • sandra
    Yes it had to be done!!
  • Rodney D.
    Marshmallow beard...check!
  • cbrewste
    well, that experiment went awesomely wrong!
  • Lesley
    And that Charles, is how babies are made.
  • Nina M.
    Now we look like Duck Dynasty family members
  • Mandy
    Now no one will notice we're wearing the same shirt.
  • Christine
    Yes, we may look a little silly, but the tiny convertible we just drove through the car wash is SPOTLESS.
  • Tracy
    Is there something on my face?
  • Liang
    Could you shave me first?
  • Annie
    "Now hand me the razor." "I thought you packed the razor."
  • Christina B.
    "Oh my gosh! Santa is actually coming, he must've seen us, his twins!" The guy on the left says this :P
  • Christina B.
    "Oh my gosh! Look Mr.Claus is actually coming, he must've seen us, his twins!" The guy on the left says this :P
  • Alvina N.
    We are just getting ready for Christmas. Ho ho ho!
  • Jasen H.
    This is believed to be the first known image of the great rabies plague that wiped out most of humanity in late 2015...
  • Kurtis
    Like our ladies, we also want to have smooth silky hair so we "borrowed" their bubble hair mask!

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