Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! Surprise Caption Contest # 2! (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner was Moose Kelly!! ***

Yesterday on this post, I announced that it was our 7th birthday here on Bargainmoose! We’re running a series of caption contests over the next week or so, giving away some juicy Amazon.ca gift vouchers to our loyal Moosers. Yesterday’s contest is still open, and we are starting a new one today!

We’ll end this contest at the end of the 5th September – just leave a caption below please! We’ll choose one of our favourite comments and award that Mooser with a $100 Amazon.ca gift voucher to spend on anything they choose. :)

Good luck Moosers!


  • Deb
    True art has no limits
  • darci
    no...it wasn't me, i think it was bobby
  • samiya
    Whitewash your memories
  • Julie-Lynne M.
    But ...... mommy you said I could finger paint?
  • Amber
    When you go into your bedroom just remember I love you.
  • Tracy
    Choose the form of the Destructor!
  • merna
    It's when things go quiet you have to worry...
  • Stephen
    You can't see me, I'm a ghost
  • Janet
    What's so funny, Daddy?
  • Sandy
    "I just thought I would help you paint" (insert BIG grin here)
  • Moe A.
    But angels have white dresses, Mommy!!
  • Sandra M.
    I'll wear white after Labor Day if I want to!
  • Sophia
    I just wanted to 'help'.
  • Katy
    Do you mind getting my back for me?
  • Jerry
    "Daddy, when is mommy coming home?"
  • Olga
    Woops, I thought it was milk!
  • Tannis
    Sorry mommy, I thought it was sunscreen.
  • Nicole
    "Why are you angry mom? I did all that work in under a minute"
  • Kaitlim
    But mom! You said paint it "white all over"
  • Rick
  • Pam R.
    What do you mean "It doesn't wash off"?!
  • Barb
    You SAID to leave you alone for ONE MINUTE so you could go to the bathroom. I am a very good listener, right Mommy?
  • Annie
    If I stay perfectly still, she'll never see me here.
  • nat d.
    You cant see me...I'm a ghost
  • Candace
    It's all fun and games until someone looses........... their temper
  • Brenda
    "Right on"? Oh, golly, I thought you said "White on" !
  • Dave
    The secret to get looking skin is moisturizer, moisterizer, moisterizer
  • Effy
    I need a 6 month vacation, twice a year.
  • Mariam
    Uh.. paint by numbers.. and I'm number 1!!
  • Tammy
    You can dress up as Elsa and I'll be Olaf
  • jkimchi
    White out.
  • Andy
    I have to go pee now.
  • Paula
    As they say, "ONLY white before Labour Day!"
  • Shane
    Never hire cheap labour!
  • jcFeng
    Why are you taking a picture instead of helping me???
  • Dani-Lynn
    Now don't be mad, I left some paint for you!
  • Mei
    Well..at least I didn't smear poop...
  • Lisa
    ummmm.....it was accident
  • Sandra
    I'm the ghost with the most, babe.
  • Paul
    You said I could wear whatever I wanted today, right Mommy?
  • Nyen
    Artistic skills needed to be filled.
  • Kapadia
    The bargainmoose app is the most used app on my iphone. You guys rock!
  • lennypuz
    At least I didn't paint the walls brown Mommy!
  • Jeff C.
    Do you like my artwork. It is an abstract ,distract. I call it "It was not me!
  • E
    Maybe blue would have been better?
  • katama381
    Look, mommy, I put moisturizer all over my body just like you do after my bath!
  • Judy
    I love you!
  • Carrie
    It was the first sign that little Abigail wanted to pursue a career in body painting
  • Craig
    This isn't where I parked my car
  • Diana
    I need more color options please. I want to be the artist of the century.
  • witchblade
    You should see my room too mommy !
  • Mike G.
    Daddy, you missed a spot.
  • Lisa
    Mommy, I made a mess of the floor.
  • Monica
    The dog did it!!
  • samiya
    Mommy, but you said I was your angel.
  • erin
    I don't think I need a second coat, what about you?
  • Kelly H.
    Do I look pretty mommy ?
  • Jan
    Is it time to go back to school now?
  • Crystal
    Can you see the look that I was going for?
  • janet b.
    When I grow up, I want to be a mime.
  • Shane
    There, now Mommy will never see I drew on myself with my markers.
  • Suzi
    You did say I should just go and find something to amuse myself... so I did!
  • slugbug55
    Mom did tell me I was white, well now I am.
  • Gordan
    Boo! Did I scare you?
  • Frank
    It is really true that blondes have more fun!
  • Margaret
    I'm. Minimalist.
  • Carrie
    I heard you say that they broke the mold when they made me, so I thought I would make you a nice plaster mold of me...you would want that, right??
  • Margaret
    What mess?
  • Grayce
    Um, Mommy I made it just for you.
  • Margaret
    Can you do my back?
  • nanoq
    Well...Leonardo DaVinci didn't get it right the first time either.
  • Aaron
    I swear it was not me...:)
  • Sheri
    Daddy said I could...
  • Amber Y.
    You said I could hide anywhere when we played hide and seek!
  • Leandro
    Look mommy!!! I'm an angel as you always said.
  • Maerin
    Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
  • louise
    i helped to mommy...
  • Linda P.
    just the color I was looking for !
  • Shirley
    I was painting!
  • Cecilia
    All done
  • Laura
    I'm going as a ghost this Halloween
  • Jeff T.
    I did it again, didn't I?
  • Irene
    Mommy! Look at the drawing I made for you on the fireplace.
  • David
    I wanted to show you what I want to be for Halloween - Casper!
  • Tony
    Look, I'm the Pilsbury Dough Girl!
  • Aggi
    Mommy, why is Daddy's face so purple?
  • Donna L.
    I'm in the Primer of my life !
  • Aggi
    I TOLD you I didn't want a baby brother!
  • Nickster
    Can I get a diaper change first?
  • Barb E.
    But Mommy you told me to "go and paint a beautiful princess!
  • Barb E.
    But Mommy you told me to "go and paint you a beautiful princess!
  • Lindsay
    This is not what you meant by whitewash?!
  • Christine
    Oh no! It's a white walker! Wait...no, my bad. It's just my niece... right? Ha ha. Hey little one, let me run and find your mommy. MOMMMMMIE!
  • Johanna
    I'm almost ready to go as a statue at the costume party!
  • Josie T.
    I didn't even touch any paint...I swear!
  • Peter T.
    You don't have to hire a painter anymore Daddy, it's all done!
  • zahra p.
    Look mommy, I didn't get any paint on my face!
  • Swapandeep
    Practicing for Halloween
  • Heather
    It was Zoe (the dog)
  • Shonagh C.
    I was just trying to help
  • Carolyn M.
    But you said, go color something...!
  • Saba
    Um, can you please get my hair out the way so I can continue where I left off...
  • Jzel
    mommy did I choose the right color? I want my body Having the same color of my hair and I got it...
  • Jon
    I did the painting for free! Can I have a unicorn now?
  • Al
    You told me that white is the color of innocence, so I painted everything white...even myself.

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