Grammarly: FREE 7 Day Trial + 50% Off (Expired)

Grammarly: FREE 7 Day Trial + 50% Off (Expired)

Learn, dummy! I feel like I've said this recently... Hmm... Maybe not. In any event if you're gonna learn something, you might as well learn how to write, right? Grammarly thinks so and so do I!

You can get a FREE trial of Grammarly for seven days. If you want to sign up afterwards, the price is normally $37.95 for one month, $74.94 for three months or $174.96 for a full year. When you first get your trial, they are currently offering a 50% discount if you sign up within 48 hours. They also have other deals if you let the FREE trial run out but I don't know if they are on a time table or if they are just random. Right now, on my account, I can get 20% off, but I let my trial run out months ago. It's just nice to know that, if after the seven days are up, you want to join up, you may get a discount.

What is Grammarly other than another trendy service ending with ly and giving money to the Libyans? Well, it's another trendy service ending with ly and giving money to the Libyans that helps you with your writing. It can be for anything. Writing a business email, writing a book, or writing a paper for school. It can even help your kids with their stuff. I know, I know, your kids should learn grammar on their own without the help of a machine. I agree. Maybe only use this when your kids are older and either already know and are using this as a backup or are hopelessly lost and will never learn it at this point. Both reasons are valid.

I have done the trial of this service and it is great. But I'm just some guy. My boss tells me (and I agree) that I need an editor to look over these couple of paragraphs I'm writing right now to make sure I'm not gonna screw it up too badly. Why would you take my word for it, right? Well, don't. Take Alison Doyle's word for it. She writes about Job Searching on This is her take on the software:

“[Grammarly is] definitely catching more mistakes than when I just used Word’s spell and grammar checker. Now, I use Microsoft Word’s checker first, then run Grammarly to catch the rest of my errors.”

(FREE Trial Expires: Never)

(Discounts Expire: Unknown/Random)


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