Google: Free 60-Day Trial of Google Cloud Platform

Google: Free 60-Day Trial of Google Cloud Platform


Google is offering $300 in free credit for the Google Cloud Platform for you to play with over 60 days. There is no obligation, and you will never be charged unless you decide to upgrade to a paid account. This is a risk free, 60-day trial of Google Cloud Platform my lovelies!

The Cloud Platform service is for someone far more tech savvy than I am. First, what IS Google Cloud Platform? Well, it is a cloud computing platform, by Google, that allows you to create websites, applications, and more. From the simple to the complex - you can make it via the Google Cloud Platform. The platform gives you access to:

  • Virtual machines
  • data solutions
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Object storage
  • Application services

... and more.

Your free 60-day trial includes $300 in credit to spend on all Cloud Platform products (with some limitations). According to the fine print, "Compute Engine is limited to eight concurrent cores at a time." I hope that means something to you as I am pulling a blank here.

Now, when the free trial ends - everything is paused for 30-days. In that month period, you can decide whether you wish to upgrade to a full (paid account). If you choose not to upgrade to a paid account, all of your instances will be lost.

The free trial is for anyone new to Google Cloud Platform. Existing customers are excluded. If you are an existing customer and want the free trial, I suggest using a different email address and maybe your partner's name when you sign up. Alternatively, get a friend to sign up for you and just use the account.

Now, you may be wondering about that $300 of credit. Well, you only cut into your $300 credit when you exceed the App Engine free quota per app per day. I have linked directly to the pricing sheet so you can see how much $300 worth of credit will cover.

I like this deal because it is risk free. If you are a website developer or a tech savvy kid with mad computer skills - this is a cool little playground to try out new ideas and new software. There is no fee and with $300 credit, you really get to have some fun.

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