Goodlife Free Summer Teen Program

Goodlife Free Summer Teen Program

free teen fitness

During the months of July and August 2010 teens can use Goodlife fitness and Nubody gyms for free.

Teens 14 to 17  (proof of age required at first visit) are encouraged to use Goodlife and Nubody gyms this summer during the months of July and August. Program membership start July 2nd ending August 31st, 2010, valid 7 days a week between 8am and 4pm with last check in at 3pm, up to 2 hours a day. A parent or guardian must be present during teen's first visit. For some reason, this offer is not available in Atlantic Canada. Registration for free teen fitness program starts May 6th.

I wish they had these free fitness programs when I was younger. A good fitness regime when they're still young makes a whole lot of difference later in life and even affect their mental and social growth.


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  • WendyD
    This is such a great offer! I wish I had this a couple years ago. I'm now nineteen :(
    • Hanny
      I just called Victoria Terrace Goodlife Fitness and surprisingly they told me that the parent SHOULD be a member of the gym and then the teen can benefit from this SO CALLED FREE PROGRAM - can someone guide me better on this topic. Appreciated.
      • Anna
        Hi Hanny. The press release on the website just says that # Registration begins May 6th, so maybe we will find out more tomorrow.
      • Christianne
        I love how it's 'teens' but being *almost* nineteen, i can't go.
        • Kim
          Just as an fyi, children under 16 should never use weights. Their growth plates are still developing up until that time and using weights can serviously damage their development and cause problems for later on in life. Keep the fitness regime to cardio and old-fashioned calistetics if you're going to let them go to the gym.
          • Ruth
            There is nothing on their website: that says a parent has to be a member. It does state parent must sign up the teen and accompany them on the first visit.