Get a Free Tea Sample @ Traditional Medicinals

Get a Free Tea Sample @ Traditional Medicinals


We are always on the lookout for free samples, and right now you can enjoy a free sample or free product coupon for Traditional Medicinals Tea. Simply follow the link and fill out the contact form to request your free sample. It will take less than 2 minutes of your time, and you will be pleasantly surprised with a neat little freebie.

First, fill out your contact information and address. Then, from the drop down menu you will want to select "coupon/sample request" which will let them know that you want a free sample of their fabulous products. I would even go as far as telling them which tea you would like to try and why in the "questions or comments" box. I took a quick browse through their variety of teas and I was quite impressed. There are several different teas from Traditional Medicinals that I would like to try. They have everything from Detox Teas to Kids Teas and Digestive Teas.

Alright, my curiosity got the best of me. I had to look into the Kids' Teas. They have four different teas for kids and I am tempted to try them all. Here are the kids' teas available from Traditional Medicinals:

  • Just For Kids Cold Care
  • Just For Kids Nighty Night
  • Just For Kids Throat Coat
  • Just For Kids Tummy Comfort

Sometimes my son has a hard time falling asleep, so I automatically clicked on the Just For Kids Nighty Night tea. This special tea is infused with chamomile and linden tree blossoms. These herbs have a relaxing effect to help your little one get to sleep easily. The tea is even a pretty pink colour.

While there is no expiry date listed for this free sample offer, I am sure quantities will be limited. I would get your request in as soon as possible

So Moosers, which tea would you like to try?

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