Gap Coupon For 25% Discount In-Store!


I just decided to check my emails while I was away, and I see that Bargainmooser Cheryl has emailed me a pretty decent coupon which she received from The Gap Canada, so I will share it in here.

The free Gap coupon is for a 25% discount on your entire purchase, between the dates of the 1st and the 4th of October 2009. Sadly, it only applies to their regular priced merchandise, not their sale items. Even so, I hope it helps save someone a few buckaroonies!

Thanks Cheryl!


  • Shelley
    Fine print says valid in US only.
  • oliva
    I think that this coupon is valid only in the US and Puerto Rico. Please post if Canadian locations are accepting the coupon as well.
  • Julie
    I took this coupon into the GAP today a the Upper Canada Mall in Newmakret, ON. They said it was only good in the USA. Bummer.
  • Anna
    Apologies guys, didn't realise it wasn't good for canucks too.

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