Summer Deals on PC Games (Up to 89% off) Summer Deals on PC Games (Up to 89% off)

GamersGate is giving you more of a reason to stay indoors this summer with deep discounts on some great PC games. This week: Strategy games!

A few of the featured games today:

The big thing with this particular promotion isn't the games that are on sale today, it's the fact thet the backlog of games that were on sale on previous days, is still available. There are literally hundreds of games on sale. They range from mainstream, high budget games to low budget, independent games. There also seems to be a good mix on genres too.

I am an author and I use what I think is an interesting price scheme. It's simple. My book is really, really cheap. It's 99 cents. One of the perks of this price point is that it ends up being a throw away purchase. People will buy the book along with ten other 99 cent books right before they go on an airplane or a road trip. If they read the book for 20 minutes and hate it, they only lost 99 cents. No big deal. A lot of these games are on such a good sale that they are almost throw away purchases. This is a fantastic chance to try a new series or genre that you normally wouldn't dig, without breaking the bank.

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