Gaggleup: iWantWhite Teeth Whitening System (Was $309 now $39)

Gaggleup: iWantWhite Teeth Whitening System (Was $309 now $39)

Gaggleup has a really sweet deal on their website right now.  They are selling the iwantwhite teeth complete whitening system at 87% off, for just $39 with free shipping and taxes included.

This is a great alternative to getting your teeth whitened at the dentist or buying those strips that don't work the best. The price for this deal is only $39 (regular price is $309).  That is a huge saving! This is also a great deal because you have a year to use it.

Here are some of the highlights of this deal:

  • Unlimited vouchers per person
  • Limit 1 voucher per order on merchants' site
  • Voucher redeemable online (link will be provided on your voucher)
  • Allow up to 72 hours after purchase for redemption
  • Expires 6th January 2013

Here is a review for this product:

I have to say that I was very satisfied and the results surpassed my expectations. I had my teeth whitened at a dentist about 7 or 8 years ago and I recall paying $300. I honestly had better results with your whitening kit using it at home.

-Haley, customer

(Expiry: 5 January 2012)


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