Free Paperback Copy Of Ocean Spray’s “Discover Cranberry”

Free Paperback Copy Of Ocean Spray’s “Discover Cranberry”

Join the “Cranberry Club” online to get yourself a free paperback copy of “Discover Cranberry: The Wonderberry” from Ocean Spray Canada. You can just read the pdf if you really want to, or order your very own copy.

Some people hate cranberry juice… not me. I quite like it. Never mind that it is good for certain unmentionable urinary problems… it’s also very good with a glassful of ice and a big dash of Vodka!! I usually keep a carton in the fridge as a mixer.

Alternatively, you can try my very own recipe for some tasty hangover inducing punch:

  • 1/2L white lemonade
  • 1 bottle rosé wine
  • 1/2L cranberry juice
  • 1/2L exotic juice/orange juice
  • A dash of Vodka
  • Fruit pieces optional!

As for the dash of Vodka… use your judgement on that one. When you make the first bowl of punch, it might be a thimbleful of Vodka, by the time you’re making the third or fourth bowl, it might be half a litre of Vodka, and you’re making a lethal alcoholic cocktail! And there is the possibility you will cause your friends to vomit out your car window (Yes, that DID happen).


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