Etsy Canada: Musical Pregnancy Necklace Only $35

Etsy Canada: Musical Pregnancy Necklace Only $35


Here at Bargainmoose, we don't just tell you about the deals, we like to tell you about interesting items that we think you might love. I found a really unique item at CreationsOlfee, a Quebec-based Etsy store. This musical pregnancy necklaces makes actual music as the mother moves and after 20 weeks when the baby has developed his/her hearing, they can hear the music as well. Not just is it fun, it is also a stylish way to dress up your growing belly.

I think this would make a fantastic gift for any new mother. This is maybe something she wouldn't buy for herself, but would love to wear after receiving it as a gift. This is a very long necklace, which goes down to the lower abdomen on your choice of a stainless steel chain or black cotton cord. You also have your choice of balls.

Once your baby is born, you can still wear this piece and it would be interesting to see if a newborn could recognize these sounds from their time in the womb. They say babies are able to recognize their mother's voices right from birth, so this would be an interesting test.

I originally looked at this Etsy shop because they also have some other interesting jewellery, including teething necklaces and breastfeeding necklaces. Basically, the first is a necklace baby or mom can wear for baby to chew on, the second is one that baby can play with to keep their interest and finish eating. I remember getting to the toddler stage with my breastfeeding child and it is hard to keep them eating. They just want to run and play but then are still hungry. A distraction like a breastfeeding necklace lets them play while they eat and keeps all your important and more expensive jewellery from being pulled and broken.

The teething necklaces are actually on sale for only $10 and I always love a sale!

This seller has a $10 flat fee for shipping, but because they do ship from Canada, you don't have to worry about duties at the border.

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