Energy Saving Heater $114.99 after save $40 @

Energy Saving Heater $114.99 after save $40 @

A couple of weeks ago our furnace wouldn't kick in and of course it was during a cold snap. All we had to keep us warm was one very small space heater that didn't work very well. It was an easy fix for the furnace involving only a lose cable but it got me thinking - I want a better portable heater.

This Dynamic Quartz-PTC Combo Element Infrared Heater in Dark Oak just went on sale @ for $114.99 from $154.99. It's safe, clean and is a less expensive way to heat areas of up to 750 sq. Apparently, it can reduce entire house energy consumption by up to 40%!

The heater has beautifully crafted workmanship. It reminds me of antique furniture for some reason and I love it!

If you're interested to see how it works, this is the description:

Air is drawn inside the Dynamic infrared heater, flows along the circumference of the chamber and over the infrared quartz bulb. The quartz bulb and RMS system produce infrared rays that heat the air which passes through the inner chamber. Energy will no longer be wasted on heating entire homes or work places. Stay warm and cozy with the economical Dynamic personal heater!

You'll get a remote control with this heater as well. I'm definitely buying this one because we still have many weeks left of winter.

Shipping is free.


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