Empire Theatres: Buy $30 Gift Card & Get Bonuses (Free Movie Tickets!)

Empire Theatres: Buy $30 Gift Card & Get Bonuses (Free Movie Tickets!)

Do you enjoy going to the cinema? Buy a

You can use your original $30 gift card towards the shows you’d be going to see anyway. Then use the bonus coupons as and when you can. The bonus coupons vary depending what area you live in. Here are the choices:

As you can see, the free coupons vary from concession discounts, to free movie tickets. A free movie on your birthday is a great coupon!

You can order the gift card online, but there is a $5 Express Post fee, so you’d probably be better collecting this deal at your local Empire movie theater.

I absolutely love going to the cinema! The last movie I went to see was “Max Payne.” Sadly, the movie didn’t get great ratings on IMDB, scoring only 5.7 out of 10. But I really really wanted to see it as the Max Payne games are some of the best PC games I’ve ever played. However, I really enjoyed the movie as it was made very true to the game. I’m now re-playing the Max Payne games from the start, as I enjoyed it so much!!

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