Easy & Healthy Back to School Breakfasts with Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender for $13.88 @ Walmart

Easy & Healthy Back to School Breakfasts with Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender for $13.88 @ Walmart

If you have trouble getting your older kiddo out of bed in time for breakfast on school days, take my advice and invest just $13.88 in a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender!

I have a smoothie every single day and use this exact blender. I love it! It has very sharp stainless steel blades (don't ask me how I know that... it's not a pretty story) and blends ice and frozen fruit with ease. It comes with a convenient travel lid so you can just blend and go! As a bonus, it's really small and easy to store or tuck out of the way on the counter. Perfect for a dorm room!

It's super easy to hide great, nutritious things in smoothies that your tween/teen won't even notice. A very simple way to up their veggie and fruit intake without the hassle or arguments or leftover plates.

My go-to recipe is water or orange juice (use any juice or even milk to up the calcium!), two big handfuls of baby spinach (use kale or any other green), half a banana and a scoop of frozen berries. I have my smoothies as a meal so I add my favourite protein powder, as well, but this is optional, of course. Protein helps you feel fuller, longer so it's a great addition for breakfast, too.

I'm addicted to Vega's All-in-One Nutritional Shake in Mixed Berry (which I was very excited to find on sale at Shop.ca). It's got greens components, protein, omega fats, antioxidants and a whole boat load of great stuff.

Make breakfasts fast, easy and healthy this year with a single serve blender--you won't be sorry!

If you don't like the black, red and teal are also available.

Walmart ships orders of $50 or more free of charge. Orders below that can be sent to a Canada Post outlet or Grab & Go locker (orders that are less than $25 are charged a $5 handling fee so try to top up your order with some other essentials!).


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