Dyson Promotion Code: 25% Off Groom Tool (Was $84 now $63 & Free Shipping)

Dyson Promotion Code: 25% Off Groom Tool (Was $84 now $63 & Free Shipping)

Use this Dyson promotion code to make a saving of 25% on your purchase of the Dyson Groom Tool! The regular price is $63.99, and the coupon code discounts it down to $62.99.

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  • CouponCode: GROOM25OFF
  • Discount: 25% off groom tool
  • Expires: 31st May 2012

As for the shipping charges from Dyson Canada, there are none on this item! All items ship for free from the Dyson Canadian online store.

The groom tool works with Dyson canister cleaners. What is it though? Here's a blurb to explain:

Mess-free vacuum assisted grooming. Removes loose hair directly from your dog. Hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum.

Sounds like a super idea! I didn't actually realise you could get an attachment like this, specifically for pets. My sister has a black labrador, and he was shedding a couple of weeks ago. There were big black hairs ALL over the house, in the cupboards, in my dinner, EVERYWHERE. It was pretty horrible... I wish she had a Dyson and a pet grooming tool! How do you cope with pet hairs?

You know, I think many people have a love/hate relationship with Dysons.  My half-sister (I've got a lot of sisters and half sisters!) recently gave her brand new Dyson upright cleaner to my mom. Sis really did not like using it round the house, so she passed it on to my mom. And my mom loves it!


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  • Rachel
    why doesnt your half sister like the dyson?!
    • Anna W.
      She just hated seeing the mess, and also found the upright one quite heavy and unweidly :)
    • Krista W.
      I wish I had a Dyson because they work awesome and I would love this attachment for my 2 dogs!
      • joy
        Dyson are AWESOME!!! My only regret is not buying one sooner!!
        • Brenda
          I have to empty the waste container often otherwise the vac. will die on me. I have to wait a day before I can use it again. :( It's not very convenient for how much we paid! I kinda regert getting one.
          • joy
            Contact the customer service. My friend had an issue and they ended up sending her a new one.
          • Rachel
            there are so many different models too... i really dont know which one to buy when i plan to invest on one! lol
            • Anna W.
              I think I prefer the canisters.
              • joy
                Read all the reviews on the US dyson website. Take the time to really check them out in stores. I have an upright and love it. I bought the DC25 but wish I had got the "animal" version even though we don't have pets. The attachments the animal comes with are great. I ended up buying them anyway. I got mine in the US so saved a lot on both the vacuum and the attachments.