Direct Buy Canada: Save Money on Renovations

Direct Buy Canada: Save Money on Renovations

Direct Buy Canada is great for people planning large renovations. Direct Buy's selling feature is that it allows you to buy direct, skipping middlemen and thus spend less. Right now they are offering a free information pack and a free VIP pass to your local showroom.

I don't know much about the company but I searched for reviews via Google. Many people have used the service, and some have some very good advice:

DirectBuy membership, It works if you do it right. My husband and I went to the presentation, and it seems like a good idea. Yes, you will save money, it seems, but it’s obviously only a good idea if you’re going to buy something. I have no complaints about direct buy, but I could see where someone would be unhappy if they joined and never used the service. I did that with cosco one year. Paid to join but never went there because I was too lazy.

So if you want to use Direct Buy's services, you need a membership. Like the reviewer above mentioned: only get it if you are going to use their services. Other reviews mentioned that DirectBuy was most useful when making large purchases, as with only medium purchases the membership fees ate into the savings. Another reviewer mentioned that you will save the majority of your money on luxury goods because it is luxury goods that most retailers will mark up the highest.

I have heard the buy in is quite high: but pales in comparison to the cost of renos and the money you will be saving. One reviewer gave this as an example:

Examples: $10,000 anywhere else in marble flooring ” materials only ” - cost when purchased through direct buy $4,700

$25,000 High end kitchen cabinets anywhere else ” designed built and installed ” - cost when purchased through direct buy $8,300

As with anything, do your research and price your alternatives!


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  • Alex
    Direct Buy? Very surprised to hear about it as a "deal". Here are some respectable references Just do a little search on Google and make your own conclusion....
    • Mich
      Direct Buy is one of the biggest scams out there. The previous poster lists some very reputable sites demonstrating their bad business practices. They should never be recommended as a "deal" or a viable source for any kind of money savings. This is the first time I've heard someone actually recommend them to anyone. Everyone else tells people to run far away from this scam.