Canadian Freebies: Zantac Tablets Sample From Living Well (Aug 2)

Canadian Freebies: Zantac Tablets Sample From Living Well (Aug 2)

On 2nd August, 2011 (tomorrow), get a free sample of Zantac Heartburn tablets from  ZANTAC helps to relieve symptoms such as heartburn and acid indigestion associated with excess stomach acid.

Once you sign in to Living Well, you can click on Trials and Special Offers to get your Zantac sample.

As always, these samples go fast and expect the page to load slowly. It might take a few tries before you get through.

If you see the freebie starting on 2nd August, 2011, please let everyone know in the comments below, we would highly appreciate it! If it still says “all samples taken” most likely it hasn’t started yet!


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  • katama381
    Each time Living Well has a free sample I seem to have trouble submitting my request. It keeps saying that my security code (at the bottom of form) is incorrect even though I type it exactly as shown. Therefore, I can never get my sample because I never get it to accept the security code or, if it does accept it, by that time all samples are gone. :( Does anyone else have this problem?
    • joy
      sometimes it takes a few tries to get it but I always get it. I just don't end up receiving half the samples I register for.
      • feoilseantoir
        Free trial is up---it is 6:24 am Saskatchewan time---so Central time.
        • Lisa
          Yay, got one! :) Still lots left (8:00 AB time)
          • angela
            free trial is on - as of 8am West coast time.