Canadian Freebies: Achooz Saline Nose Wipes

Canadian Freebies: Achooz Saline Nose Wipes


This freebie is for anyone in need of some stuffiness relief! These nose wipes are perfect if you are sick or congested and still have to function through your day. What they do is help desolve the mucus (yuk!) when you wipe your nose so that you feel better longer! How do they do this? Here is a little write up on the saline in their nose wipes:

Saline (Sodium Chloride) is a mineral found naturally in the earth that excels at dissolving mucus when used in the right concentration. During a bad cold or allergy season, saline is gentle on the skin, but tough on dried mucus. It is a simple non–medicated alternative to relieve congestion and provide comfort so you can get back to you day.

There you got it folks!

Your sample will include both the menthol and the fragrance free wipes, so you can figure out which works best for you. I think the name Achooz is very fitting, don't ya think?


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  • Sharon
    Sounds great. I sure could have used boxes of these a month ago when I became so sick.