Canadian Freebie: Santalia Acne Sample Packette

Canadian Freebie: Santalia Acne Sample Packette

Santalia is giving away free acne sample packettes to all Canadian residents who are interested in trying this product. Quantities are limited, so act fast to ensure that you will get this freebie!

I absolutely love trying new products. It's so easy to get stuck in a beauty routine, using the same old products. Sometimes the products are right for you, and sometimes they're not, but you'll never know until you try!

In your packette you will receive:

  • Daily Cleanser (2 mL)
  • Daily Balancing Serum (2 mL)
  • Intensive Spot Treatment (2 mL)

Let me just say this: acne is a pain in the butt. It's very common to have acne as a teenager, with all of those hormones racing through your system. But adult acne? I've been waiting and waiting to "grow" out of it, but now that I'm 30, I'm pretty sure it's wishful thinking.

There are so many acne products out there and it can be overwhelming at times, trying to figure out which one works best for your skin type. The great thing about Santalia is that their products do not contain sulfates, benzyl peroxide, artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives. Their claim to fame ingredient is actually sandalwood, which has both cleansing and healing components.

After you click the above link and are on the Santalia website, click on "Add to Bag" and then "View Cart and Checkout".  You will be prompted to enter your country, province and postal code to estimate shipping and taxes. You won't have to pay any shipping fees or taxes, but it's a part of the checkout process. You can either register or checkout as a Guest (I checked out as a Guest, as it's way faster) and then just follow the directions and you'll be golden!

Bargainmoosers, have you tried any skincare products that contain sandalwood? If so, was it effective?

A special thank you to Sarah for notifying us of this awesome freebie!

(Expiry: While Supplies Last)


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  • Tricia
    Just put my request in as I am 42 and going through some horrific breakouts that are hormonal (chin, jawline and neck). The rest of my face is clear and smooth as glass. Anyway, I have two prescription creams and an oral pill to help me fight it but I want a proper full skincare regime, this looks good, incredible reviews. FYI - the site says free shipping over $80. The Acne kit is $79.95, I put one into my basket and both my shipping options were free, typical Cdn shipping is about $20. I didn't actually buy it because my household is in a spending freeze but just wanted to let you know. If the samples prove to be irresistible, I'll have to break down and get the kit.
    • mackenzie m.