Canadian Cartel: Sale For OnSight Equipment Travel Products

Canadian Cartel is offering a special on travel products from Onsight Equipment. Products available while quantities last!

Please note that you need an account for the above daily deal site to browse the items.

Products available are:

  • Backpacks
  • Sling bags
  • Passport pouch
  • Shoulder bags

This Half Nelson Minimalist Bike Pack is quite stylish looking with all of its buckles, zippers and mesh pockets. It even has an elastic cord to hold helmets and pads as well as reflective mesh panels for night time safety. This back pack is priced at $27, regular price $55.00.

The Passport pouch has a pocket on this inside for your passport and a currency pocket on the outside. The strap system will work around your waist or neck, helping to prevent loss of money or documents. This is priced at $8, regular price $16 and is well worth it, if you're going to be traveling anywhere that you will need currency and passports.

I like this cute little Granville shoulder bag with just enough room to have everything you need on hand. This is actually made from recycled pet water bottles. That is so cool.

I always thought a backpack is a backpack and I didn't realize the difference between any of them, but there is. A pack that is comfortable to wear and gives easy access to all the things you need on hand makes a huge difference.

Shipping: Free on orders over $75

(Expiry: 30th July, 2012)

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